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Tissue Online releases its new portal, focusing on Latin America

Discover Tissue Online Latinoamérica, which will bring content related to the tissue industry exclusively in Spanish

After entering the international market with the launch of the Tissue Online North America Portal, in August 2020, Tissue Online decided to expand further, this time in Latin America, an important region for the tissue industry. This Monday, March 15th, the Tissue Online Latinoamérica Portal will go live, and will bring content about the segment exclusively in Spanish.

The founder and CEO of Portal Tissue Online, Felipe Quintino, says that the idea of ​​launching a Latin American portal came due to the lack of a specialized portal in this niche dedicated to Latin America and written in Spanish, coupled with the great acceptance of the North American portal by the industry.

“Tissue Online was founded 11 years ago in order to add value to the tissue paper market. We were successful in our journey and, last year, seeing the need for the North American market, we decided to expand and launched Tissue Online North America. The new portal was very well received by the market and proved to be a platform of great relevance. This success, in line with our purpose connects the entire tissue market within the Americas, this motivated us to take the next step in the internationalization of the portal,” says Quintino.

Last year, Felipe Quintino joined Brian Uzcategui to start Tissue Online North America, and now, they join Hector Hurtado, who has been active in the tissue market in Latin America for 16 years. “My expectation is that the Tissue Online platform will help to promote the growth and interaction of the tissue industry and all those who participate in it across the Americas”, comments Hurtado, co-founder of Tissue Online Latinoamérica.

Uzcategui is also excited for the release of Tissue Online Latinoamérica. “This will give the tissue industry yet another solid outlet to promote their business in the Spanish language. Latin America continues to grow in regards to tissue production. The availability of a successful marketing channel like ours will add fuel to the continual growth in Latin America. We look forward to serving the industry en Espanol and being an integral part of the growth!”

“Tissue Online now covers the Americas in English, Spanish and Portuguese giving customers the flexibility and ease to understand our marketing partners content in their own language which is invaluable,” Brian adds.

Quintino points out that the content of Tissue Online Latinoamérica will follow the already established quality offered by the Brazilian and North American portals, bringing relevant information with an emphasis on a strategic region, which holds an 11.1% worldwide share in the tissue market. In yet another endeavor, the portal will have the support of partner companies in the sector and a loyal and engaged audience. “We hope to continue to count on the support of our readers and partners in this new stage as well”, he concludes.

Visit the Tissue Online Latinoamérica Portal:

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