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Tork makes the switch to Data-Driven Cleaning easier than ever with Tork Vision Cleaning

Tork offers enhanced data-driven cleaning solution to help facility managers meet the increased demands on cleaning quality, operational efficiency, and hygiene

Tork, an Essity brand, introduces an enhanced data-driven cleaning system called Tork Vision Cleaning to meet the increased demands on operational efficiency, cleaning quality and hygiene compliance. The solution uses people counters and connected dispensers to give cleaners and managers access to real-time data regarding immediate cleaning needs. By digitalizing cleaning systems, cleaning managers can use real-time data to maximize operational efficiency and allow cleaning teams to spend more time on critical tasks.

Tork has unrivaled experience in data-driven cleaning with hundreds of satisfied customers, having first pioneered the first data-driven cleaning solution in 2014. Now, the pandemic has brought new and even higher demands on cleaning quality, operational efficiency, and hygiene, forcing the entire industry to perform additional work with the same, or even less, resources. This has made shifting to data-driven cleaning more important and relevant than ever. By going digital, facility managers and cleaning companies can use real-time data to understand when and where there are cleaning needs in their facilities and easily adjust to changing hygiene protocols.

According to data collected from existing Tork customers, switching to data-driven cleaning has helped them:

  • Ensure dispensers are stocked 99% of the time
  • Reduce dispenser checks by 91%, saving hundreds of staff hours each year
  • Save up 20% of cleaning hours
  • Achieve up to 30% higher customer satisfaction

“Over the years, our customers have realized that data-driven cleaning brings many more benefits beyond smarter staffing, faster resolution times and optimal cleaning frequencies,” said Nancy Farrell, Senior Product Manager, Tork Services & Solutions.

“Using the insights gained from real-time data has meant that they’ve been able to transform their entire way of working and achieve both higher staff satisfaction and better results by empowering their cleaners to work smarter and more efficiently. In a current customer survey, 100% said data-driven cleaning helps them improve hygiene in their facility while 85% said it helped them support a safer environment during COVID-19,” she completes.

Farrell adds, “As many as 80%of our customers have said they reduced complaints as a result of using Tork Vision Cleaning and – proving its true value – 100% said they would recommend this solution. Our digital solution has significantly helped them secure the new hygiene standard during the pandemic and in preparing for the future, get staffing right and adapting to stricter requirements.”


Depending on the needs and requirements of their facility, customers can choose between three data-driven cleaning offers to best suit their specific cleaning operations. Included is everything Facility Managers and Facility Service Companies need to make data-driven cleaning an integrated part of their operations:

  • Hardware in the form of people counters, gateways and the market’s largest selection of Internet of Things (IoT) connected dispensers.
  • Facility management software that displays the collected real-time data on desktops, tablets or smart phones and facilitates easy reporting and other administrative tasks.
  • An Onboarding and Success Program which includes installation, training, support and evaluation of the business value.

To learn more about how Tork is supporting businesses to secure the new hygiene standard with digital solutions, visit

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