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“We know that we can produce the best core stock for your product,” says general manager at INCAPE

Check out the best excerpts from Talk Tissue with Thiago Karam, general supervisor at INCAPE

INCAPE, a Brazilian company specialized in core stock production, started its business 20 years ago and it has been at least 15 years working with tissue converting lines. In Brazil, they are widely known and established as a core stock company.

“The best part of being focused in only one thing [the core stock production], you can also focus on the clients, their problems and their issues,” says Thiago Karam, general manager at INCAPE in their latest Talk Tissue.

INCAPE is exporting to Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile and are developing material for Europe as well. Currently the biggest market for INCAPE is Brazil, but in 2020, the company expanded its business to the North American market. “It’s a family owned company and we are very happy to be where we are. Now we’re looking for different markets”.

“In the US the tissue consumption is way bigger than in Brazil, but our products are being used at the major Brazilian companies and we are developing and improving our core stock production to attend their demand.”

Following a trend already seen in Europe, but completely new in Brazil, the company has launched the INCAPE Colored, a colored core stock.

“We introduced it to the market and it’s doing great. The colored core stock is a very unique way to differentiate your product in a supermarket, it’s a good thing for business. We also work with different kinds of colors, so if you want to have a different kind of core stock color, we put all of our development and marketing teams on it”

Now is a good time for INCAPE to enter the North American market, because today it is having high demand in NA and retail stores are importing finished products from other countries. If a North American company is looking for core sock, INCAPE is a company that currently has capacity and availability of materials.

“We want to give the converting lines a return on investment,” says Thiago. When planning to get into the North American market “we thought that’s what we could give to the tissue industry in North America.”

The company knows that converting lines are always searching for new technologies and ways to maximize their efficiency, so INCAPE is constantly working to improve its products and to attend their clients’ demands, therefore their core stock improves the lifetime of the log saw.

“We go into the converting lines at our clients and we try to understand what their demands are to get max efficiency. We want the converting line to be as efficient as it can, and we know that the core stock is a big thing to make this happen”.

The Talk Tissue ends with INCAPE relaying their openness to talk and gain new business partners.

“We are a young company, but we want to improve and we know that we can give the best core stock for your line, that’s for sure”, finishes Thiago.

Check out the complete Talk Tissue with Thiago Karam, general supervisor at INCAPE:

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