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What’s beyond Tissue?

One truth: a sustainable future

What’s beyond tissue? 

We have given three great answers to this question. Three answers that reflect our corporate philosophy, our work, our ambitions. 

But the truth is one: beyond tissue, there is first and foremost the future. 

From this urgency Tissue Planet – Future Insights™ was born, the event that took place from 18 to 20 June in Lucca, organized by Toscotec and of which we were proudly Main Sponsor. 

The event was attended by the most influential personalities of the Tissue industry, who arrived in our hometown to discuss, debate and talk about how our sector should look to the future. How to act, what to take into account, how to lead and take part in change, for the future of a planet that increasingly needs to be heard. 

As Gambini, we participated with two speeches, promoted by an advertising campaign dedicated to the three major issues we addressed. 

The first speech was given by Carlo Berti, Chief Business Officer. 

“Everything you always wanted to know about wet embossing (but it didn’t exist before!)” was a focus on our greatest innovation, the AirMill. 

A wet embosser which, through a system that first wets and then heats the paper, makes itparticularly suitable for obtaining quantitative and qualitative effects never seen before on the finished product. The AirMill is able to increase the bulk of the final roll with the same amount of paper; to reduce degradation and maintain strength, saving in the paper-making phase; or even to obtain more refined and aesthetic textures, similar to those obtainable with a TAD process. 

In our Research and Development laboratory, the TissueHub, we are carrying out studies on the production of a paper similar to TAD, with a cost reduction that is unconceivable for those who use dedicated machines: it is the Comparable TAD (C-TAD). 

The AirMill is attentive to resources and waste, it always allows you to save money: because with the same quantity of fiber you obtain greater and better results. 

Our Chairman Giovanni Gambini spoke on the main stage to introduce the speech “The first rule of tissue is: You do not talk about tissue. Let’s talk about what lies beyond tissue: conscious consumers, unique products, our well-being and a planet that is asking for help.” 

The talk was hosted by our Marketing Manager Nicola Romagnani who interviewed Gianni Gambini, Executive Member of the Board of Directors. 

The discussion begins with an important truth: the beating heart of our sector is well-being. The well-being that a product allows us to share. A well-being that shall not ignore the environmental impact, a well-being that is both ours and the one of the planet. Because you can’t live well in an unhealthy place. 

Gambini’s goal has always been, and even more so since TissueHub came into existence, to create greater well-being. We have moved from focusing only on machine performance to providing technology platforms that can empower customers to create unique new products. A vision that translates into active and targeted care for the final consumer. 

From here we formulated our three answers. 

What’s beyond tissue? 

Empowered Customers, Our Well-Being, A planet asking for help. 

This article was written by the Gambini team. You can learn more about the company and its solutions by visiting their website. 

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