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Betterway: Company introduces sustainable bamboo-based toilet paper

According to the brand, bamboo is a renewable resource that can be used to produce high-quality paper with a lower carbon footprint

After working in technology, the co-founders of US-based Betterway, Christian Cox and Eugenia Alliegro, wanted to start a business that made a difference to the environment. So, they launched a sustainable toilet paper company in January 2020, right before the pandemic hit — the right time, according to Alliegro.

“March 2020 came around and everyone started going crazy, and toilet paper was this item that everyone thought the world was running out of,” Cox said. With the increase in demand, popular brands of toilet paper have sold out. “[Consumers] weren’t maybe aware of the issue or looking for a sustainable option, but it was the only option there.”

Unlike traditional, tree-based, cellulose-based toilet tissue, Betterway toilet paper is made from 100% premium bamboo fibers. “Bamboo is actually a giant grass, not a tree – hence the term TREE-FREE! The result is a product that performs great, without needing to destroy our ecosystems to produce it,” says the brand, on its website.

According to Betterway, bamboo is a renewable resource that can be used to produce high-quality paper with a lower carbon footprint. It grows ten times faster than trees, making it ultra renewable and a sustainable alternative to paper production.

In addition, all the company’s partners maintain all Forest Stewardship Council® certifications that attest to environmental responsibility.

The counterpoints are still the price, significantly higher compared to traditional paper, and the loss of softness. “From a conscious relationship to our environment perspective, is there a point where it’s soft enough but also good for the environment?” asks Alliegro.

The company also markets paper towels made from bamboo and plans to expand its brand by identifying more everyday items that can be replaced with more sustainable options. “You can learn about small things that have really big impact if it’s the things that you’re using in your everyday life,” Alliegro concludes.

Learn more about the company by clicking here.

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