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Drenik invests in E80 Group systems to become a Factory 4.0

The Serbian manufacturer and distributor of tissue products has embarked on a project to renovate and expand its production lines to meet the challenges of changing global markets

With a 200,000 m2 plant just a few kilometers from Belgrade and a second 170,000 m2 plant in Hungary, Drenik has a strong tradition in the production and distribution of tissue products that began in 1995. With a total annual production capacity of more than 110,000 tons of paper, the company is among the largest producers in the Tissue market in Southeastern Europe.

Drenik decided to revolutionize its existing factory by investing in new state-of-the-art systems to become a Smart Factory 4.0. The company chose E80 Group, an Italian multinational company specializing in the development of automated and integrated intralogistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods mainly in the beverage, food and tissue sectors, which worked with Impex Continental as a key player to realize the project.

The first palletizing and wrapping lines will be implemented in the Belgrade plant in March 2024. The former are robotic and customized solutions that ensure efficiency, reliability, and accuracy over time, handling the entire layer of products while guaranteeing its integrity. The latter are automatic wrapping machines, that have revolutionized the concept of stretch film wrapping by integrating robotics with the use of 1000 mm film reel and rotating product, thanks to the electrical axes patented functions.


To monitor and manage all the operations, E80 Group provides advanced software that integrates with the customer’s ERP for the complete coordination of activities, from the automatic creation of product palletizing recipes to data analysis. The implementation of the new systems will be completed by the end of next year, marking a new era for the plant.

Drenik’s goal is to have production lines that, from start to finish, constitute the ultimate in productivity, flexibility and quality. The company has been supported by E80 Group with innovative systems that reflect technological evolution.

The second phase of the investment will be realized in September 2024, with the goal to become a Smart Factory by 2025.

These investments demonstrate Drenik’s determination to adapt to the challenges of the future and continue to provide its customers with high-quality products, keeping pace with market changes.

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