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Elettric80 Launches SmartDect, its New Ultra-Wideband Technology

The company has implemented ultra-wideband technology into its automated-guided vehicle and laser-guided vehicle fleets to enhance safety by more accurately detecting the location of people, devices and assets with unrivaled precision

Since 1980, Elettric80 Group has completed nearly 300 integrated factories worldwide, with more than 2,000 robotic systems and 5,000 laser-guided vehicles installed in manufacturing and distribution operations. The company’s continual integration of technology advances has enabled a highly streamlined approach for the operation of material handling systems, which provide significant advantages for improved throughput, uptime, energy management, sustainability and ROI.

Equally important has been Elettric80’s focus on improvements to enhance safety. Since AGVs (automated-guided vehicle) and LGVs (laser-guided vehicle) are constantly in motion, operating unmanned over large areas in manufacturing and distribution, safe operation of these systems is a critical priority. To this end, Elettric80 has continually upgraded its AGVs and LGVs with the latest positioning, protective and controls technology exceeding that of established international standards.

“This commitment to AGV/LGV safety technology, coupled with Elettric80’s extensive safety training programs, has enabled the company’s customers to safely operate some of the world’s largest AGV/LGV integrated networks in manufacturing and distribution operations,” said Andrea Pongolini, Executive Vice President Sales at Elettric80.


Elettric80 has now advanced its AGV/LGV safety initiatives even further with the adoption of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology called SmartDect – a short-range RF technology for wireless communication that can detect the location of people, assets (AGVs/LGVs) and objects with unrivaled precision. UWB technology uses very short radio pulses, sent every couple of milliseconds as a pattern across a wide frequency spectrum. The receiving device onboard the AGV/LGV analyzes the incoming pattern and translates it into data which is used to accurately sense the location of people, objects and other AGVs and LGVs in operation

“UWB-enabled AGVs and LGVs guarantee the safest operation, and a significant gain in performance, because it minimizes risks, collisions and stops during operations,” explained Pongolini. “This is particularly relevant, especially in mixed traffic, where people or manual forklifts operate in the same environment in which the AGVs/LGVs move. It better prevents dangerous situations from occurring.”

UWB sensors onboard Elettric80’s AGVs and LGVs can identify potential dangers of impact up to a distance of 15 meters – even behind objects – alerting the unmanned vehicle to begin slowing down until it stops, or, if the situation is safe, continue on its projected path.

The UWB device, however, is not classified as “Safety Rated” when integrated with AGVs and LGVs. UBW technology must always be used in combination with other certified safety devices already operating on AGVs and LGVs.

“This newly-integrated UWB technology is another step forward to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability of AGVs/LGVs operating in manufacturing and distribution operations,” added Pongolini.

For more information contact Andrea Pongolini, Executive Vice President Sales at Elettric80 Inc.; Phone 847-329-7717; email; 8100 Monticello Avenue, Skokie, IL 60076;


Founded in 1980, Elettric80 provides end-to-end integrated and automated solutions for consumer goods manufacturers in the beverage, food and tissue sectors, and other diversified areas.  Elettric80’s main systems include palletizing robots, a wide range of laser guided vehicles, high-speed robotic stretch wrappers, pallet control systems, robotic labelers, layer picking and repacking solutions, automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) high-density warehouses, and compact end-of-line solutions. The entire logistics flow can be centrally managed from Elettric80’s proprietary smart, integrated-logistics software platform – SM.I.LE80® – that ensures the efficient integration and optimization of all operations.

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