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Essity publishes 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report

The document highlighted efforts to address global well-being and sustainability challenges

Essity recently published its 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report, highlighting the company’s efforts to address barriers to well-being worldwide. The report detailed the company’s initiatives to improve well-being for consumers, patients, caregivers, and customers, as well as its contributions to societal and environmental sustainability.

The report emphasized Essity’s commitment to overcoming challenges that hinder well-being and to fostering a healthier and more sustainable society. It outlined the company’s purpose, which includes the efforts of its employees, the development of its products and services, and the sustainable value created for people, businesses, and the planet.

Essity identified several global challenges, including climate change, increased waste, biodiversity loss, and social exclusion. As a leading global hygiene and health company, Essity collaborates with customers and partners to drive change in these areas.

The report underscored the importance of contributing to a sustainable society. Essity is focused on enhancing solutions, increasing their accessibility, and reducing their environmental impact to break barriers to well-being.

To read the full report, click here

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