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First Quality introduces size 8 youth diaper

Boundless™ by Cuties® provides a first-of-its-kind solution for children with special needs

First Quality has launched Boundless™ by Cuties®, a size 8 youth diaper for children with special needs who have outgrown baby diapers, but who are not yet ready for adult incontinence products. Boundless youth diapers aim to provide Complete Care for All, so that every child can feel confident and protected.

The first-of-its-kind youth diaper provides the same protection as a baby diaper but is designed to fit the frame of children who are 58 lbs. or more and managing incontinence issues. With easy-to- use, adjustable tabs to help caregivers with clean and efficient changes, Boundless youth diapers function differently than training pants, which are designed to be pulled up and down.

Boundless youth diapers are backed by First Quality’s clinical team, which staffs Cuties’ 24/7 eNanny™ line, providing free, 100% confidential support to consumers online and over the phone. First Quality’s team of licensed nurses can answer questions about childhood incontinence, product selection and fit, as well as general inquiries related to diapering.

“Every child is unique, and incontinence issues can range from difficulty with potty training to nighttime leakage to daily incontinence that may continue into adulthood”, said Michele Mongillo, global clinical director at First Quality. “Boundless youth diapers were created to deliver inclusive care and better meet the needs of children, families and caregivers”.


Being part of the Cuties brand means that Boundless youth diapers include Omni-Odor Guard® protection to help neutralize odor for added confidence in social settings such as school or childhood activities. Flexible leg openings and stretchy tabs ensure a snug fit, with protection in all the right areas. The youth diapers are good for both day and night, providing long-lasting, super-absorbent protection for up to 12 hours.

Cuties’ Skin Smart® Promise means that every diaper is crafted with skin health in mind, using breathable, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic materials to protect kids’ delicate skin. Cuties diapers are accredited by the Skin Health Alliance®, an independent organization that tests products for skin safety.

However, one look at Boundless youth diapers and you can see a difference compared to other Cuties diapers. First Quality removed the super-cute illustrations and patterns that are the hallmarks of their baby diapers in favor of a more subtle design on the front waist area that will appeal to older kids.

“We talked with parents and caregivers who told us that they need a solution that provides a better fit and maximum protection that truly meets the needs of children who are living with incontinence,”, said Sima Delafraz, global leader of sales and marketing for First Quality. “We combined the best of our Cuties brand with insights from our healthcare team to create our Boundless youth diapers.”

Boundless youth diapers are now available on Amazon and for home delivery. Samples are available on the Cuties website while supplies last.

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