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Kimberly-Clark Professional Launches New Icon Dispenser Collection

The ICON dispensers offer design customization coupled with patented technology to create a more efficient, 99.99% jam-free and virtually noiseless paper towel dispensing experience

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ announced the launch of its ICON™ dispenser collection, which includes a first-of-its-kind dispenser that offers interchangeable and customizable faceplate options to elevate commercial washrooms with added sophistication and enhanced functionality.

While most dispensers are designed around the paper, the ICON dispenser is designed around the servicer, facility manager, and end user – offering style, simplicity, cutting-edge technology, and a human-centric experience.

“Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON dispensers represent our most significant upgrade in technological advancements in over a decade,” said Mayur Valanju, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation at Kimberly-Clark Professional. “With an increased emphasis on hygiene, handwashing, and washrooms overall these days, we wanted to create a product that makes the public washroom experience better for everyone. From architects to interior designers and facility managers, everyone will truly benefit from the unique features this dispenser has to offer.”

The ICON paper towel dispenser’s features include:

  • Direct drive automatic dispensing system that maximizes performance with 99.99 percent jam free operation
  • Virtually noiseless operation that is 85 percent quieter than the leading competition, making it the quietest towel dispenser on the market today
  • Touch-free use minimizes contact points for a more hygienic experience
  • Delivers more than 150,000 dispenses on a single set of batteries
  • Minimal maintenance with the utilization of Kimberly-Clark Professional’s largest roll of paper towels
  • Simplified installation with custom-engineered mounting brackets; each unit includes a built-in level and clip-on mounting capability

“At Kimberly-Clark Professional, we believe the act of handwashing goes beyond science,” said Susan Gambardella, President, Kimberly-Clark Professional North America. “With the launch of the ICON dispenser, we’re elevating hygiene by introducing modern engineering and design into the overall experience. From patented faceplate technology to virtually noiseless operation, the ICON collection brings a game-changing branding opportunity to the washroom while addressing users’ needs to make their experience quicker, less frustrating and visually appealing.”

The full ICON collection includes paper towel, toilet paper, soap, and sanitizer dispenser options that each feature six faceplate options – the standard range consists of silver, white, and black mosaic, and the designer range consists of warm marble, ebony woodgrain and cherry blossom – to elevate the look of any public washroom. In addition to the standard and designer ranges, users can also customize the faceplates with their own design or imagery.

All ICON dispensers are equipped to dispense Kimberly-Clark Professional’s global brands, including Kleenex®, Scott® and Cottonelle®. The ICON collection is currently available for customers interested in elevating their commercial washroom.

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