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Kimberly-Clark receives prestigious award for Innovation in Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Scott DeGroot, global vice president of planning and distribution, details key strategies and technologies in an exclusive interview

Kimberly-Clark has been awarded the prestigious NextGen Supply Chain Visionary Award in recognition of its outstanding supply chain digital transformation initiatives. Vice president of global planning and distribution, Scott DeGroot, received the award virtually during the latest conference. In an interview with Bob Trebilcock, executive editor of Modern Materials Handling, DeGroot highlighted digitization and innovation in the supply chain, underscoring the company’s commitment to providing exceptional value and meeting consumer needs.

The interview highlights the leading position of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, with a presence in more than 175 countries, immersed in a digital transformation through the application of NextGen technologies to elevate its supply chain. Innovative initiatives such as EARL, a logistics tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize shipments, were instrumental in KCC being recognized as a NextGen 2023 Supply Chain Visionary.

Scott DeGroot, shares the strategies and technologies implemented by KCC to stay ahead of the curve, highlighting the importance of optimizing its NextGen supply chain.

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