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Kimberly-Clark’s ANZ team reduced emissions from its operations by 15.9%

The company's Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) team is the first region to work on carbon neutrality in its operations

Kimberly-Clark works tirelessly to reduce its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 50% (from a 2015 base year) by 2030 globally.

Kimberly-Clark’s Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) team is the company’s first region to work towards carbon neutrality in its operations and organization to achieve this goal and cut its plastics footprint in half.

“In 2020 we celebrated 60 years of sustainable manufacturing at our Millicent Mill, and developed our new 2030 Ambitions which will see us do even more for people and the planet over the coming decade,” says the company.

The company is making progress in the region, and exploring more renewable energy sources, as well as the reduction, capture and reuse of energy. The ANZ team reduced emissions across all its operations by 15.9% compared to 2019.

“We’re proud of our achievements, including positively impacting the lives of more than 800,000 people across ANZ – far more than ever before,” the company commented on its website.

In 2020, the company made great progress: reducing its emissions by 35.4% compared to its base year (2015). In addition, the company is already very close to its zero-waste goal by 2022 at Millicent Mill, with almost a 98% deviation achieved.

“We’re proud of what’s been achieved, but there’s always more to be done. As we look to the rest of 2021, we are focusing on developing our first Reconciliation Action Plan and establishing projects to reduce our supply chain emissions, mill emissions, and plastics footprint,” says K-C.

In line with its global commitment, it is also investing in nature-based solutions to help offset some of the carbon it cannot yet reduce.

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