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Kinetic announces newest member of its Sales Team

The new team member has a long history of success within the company

The Kinetic Co. is a company specialized in the manufacture of industrial knives and hardened wear products with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing and application for the broader demands of the paper industry and related fields.

Working with innovative processes, Kinetic has a long history in the North American market and part of its success is due to its team of experts which proposes to provide the best service in products and applications.

The company also has an organizational culture of investing in its team’s potential, selecting employees who excel in certain areas and offering growth opportunities. That’s how Dan Jones became the newest member of the Kinetic sales team.

He started his career at the company in 2011 as a “C” level assembler for Kinetic’s mandrel department. After two years, Kinetic decided that it was time for a lead man for the department and Dan was named for the job.

“Being named lead man meant I had new challenges ahead of me,” Dan commented. “Soon after I was named lead man, Kinetic wanted to start re-manufacturing rider roll for new tissue converting lines.”

Once he moved into this new role, Dan passed down his skills to the next generation of mandrel and rider roll builders. “Just like the old timers who taught me.”

One of his roles as mandrel department lead man was to communicate with the sales team on the progress of the jobs in the department. With weekly meetings that got everyone on the same page to keep the production running smoother and faster than it ever did before. “I really enjoyed the time I spent with sales,” he said.

“In mid-August of 2020, I was paged to meet with Cash Masters, owner of Kinetic. I walked into his office, and he tells me to take a seat. My first thought is, what did I do now? To my surprise, he tells me that he and our sales team had been talking and my name was brought up for an opening in our inside sales team. He said that the sales team made it a point that I would be perfect fit because of my product knowledge and my willingness to make sure customer needs are taken care of,” Dan described.

After talking with the inside sales team and feeling very welcomed, Dan decided to make a change and, in February 2021, he became a sales correspondent for Kinetic.

“My transition from shop to office was an easy one for me because I had great people training me. They took the time to make sure I understood everything,” he commented. “I’ve been in the office for over six months and if I have a question, they will stop what they’re doing and go over it with me. They have an open-door policy like I have never seen and no judgement.”

“I’m very thankful for the management at Kinetic for seeing my drive to want to improve the company and giving me the opportunity to advance my career here. Every day I try to learn everything I can about the business so I can keep growing and advancing at Kinetic,” Dan concluded.

Making the finest industrial knives and hardened wear products requires highly trained employees, the finest metal working equipment available, the best steel melted and rolled, and a facility that is the best in the world. Kinetic has all of those.

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