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Körber introduces the Casmatic CMB270 NA — the most flexible bundler in North America

The Casmatic CMB270 NA has been completely redesigned to address the needs of the North American market

In the United States, large packages of rolled tissue products are popular. It’s common for major retailers to stock 45-roll bundles of toilet tissue or 15-packs of kitchen towels alongside smaller packages in order to align with customer preferences.

The wide variety of bundle formats and configurations vary by retailer and distribution channel — club, grocery store, e-commerce, etc. — which complicates the U.S. market. Further complexity is added by the uniquely American use of bundle packaging to protect and brand products, leaving tissue manufacturers struggling to find appropriate equipment solutions.

Körber recognized the need for machinery versatile enough to address all of these market challenges and help tissue manufacturers remain competitive. The result is the new Casmatic CMB270 NA, the most flexible bundler in North America.


The Casmatic CMB270 NA has been completely redesigned to address the needs of the North American market. The innovative bundler allows manufacturers to run all U.S. and Canadian bundle formats on one machine, thanks to the upgraded Triple Infeed System comprised of:

  1. Stacker mode that allows for production of bundles with cores horizontal, making it easy for the sliding layer separator to reliably achieve stacking precision in any format
  2. Bypass mode diverts products from the stacker directly to the elevator
  3. Revolver upender functionality is an optional add on that enables product bundling with cores vertical, increasing the operating window and speed. It replaces the stacker in a fast, fully automated changeover that operators control from the HMI panel

Manufacturers don’t have to sacrifice speed for the sake of flexibility. The Casmatic CMB270 NA is as fast as it is versatile. Machine components made with lightweight carbon fiber materials and movement optimization regulated by bundle dimensions translate to speeds of up to 27 bundles per minute.

The Casmatic CMB270 NA also addresses bundle tightness with a proven cut and seal system that ensures clean, high-quality packaging for all U.S. and Canadian formats.


Körber packaging equipment like the Casmatic CMB270 NA demonstrates the power of what can happen when the history of performance and the future of innovation come together. See the most flexible bundler in North America in action:

Ready to buy? Quick delivery is available on Körber’s in-stock inventory of the Castmatic CMB270 NA. You can also contact the Körber team to learn more about how this innovative bundler can help you keep pace with current packaging expectations in the North American market and lean into the innovations of tomorrow.

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