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Okay Sans Tube: Essity’s 1st Tubeless Paper Towel

The company's new tubeless paper towel is designed for the environment and uses 30% less plastic packaging.

Essity, the world’s leading health and hygiene company dedicated to improving the well-being of its consumers through its products and solutions, launched the new Okay Sans Tube, the company’s first tubeless paper towel.

The new kitchen roll rolls are designed for the environment, do not contain cardboard tubes and use 30% less plastic packaging, helping to limit waste and CO2 emissions. It also offers its consumers the same quality of Okay paper towels that already exist on the market. Also, Okay Sans Tube is 3 times longer than a classic Okay paper towel.

Among the main benefits of the product are:

  • If there is no tube to dump, it means less waste
  • The roll is 3 times longer for easy cleaning with a paper towel
  • It is the same kitchen paper Okay that you can wet, drain and wrinkle
  • The paper towel is sustainable which contributes to reducing the need to be transported by truck
  • Its packaging is made with 30% less plastic

By not having cardboard tubes in the middle of their roll, consumers will be able to use from the first sheet to the last sheet without generating any waste. In addition, each roll of Okay Sans Tube is three times longer than before, ensuring performance in the kitchen for longer. It is durable, resistant and break-proof so that the consumer can clean up all kinds of everyday accidents in the kitchen.

“We believe that a sustainable paper towel plays an important role in preserving the environment. Without a cardboard tube, each Okay package of Tube Free paper towels uses 30% less plastic and also 30% less trucks for in-store delivery, helping us reduce carbon emissions caused by transport. In addition, the packaging is recyclable and is made with recycled plastic”, commented the company on its website.

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