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Renova invests in its private label and innovations in the Spanish market

Sustainability is also among the main concerns of the company, a pioneer in Europe in the development of recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging

Renova is one of the most active companies in the private label tissue paper market, along with other manufacturers such as Scottex. The Portuguese group is present in the main supermarkets, hypermarkets and stores in Spain, and is famous for its colorful and innovative papers.

Despite this strong presence, Renova’s sales director, Lorenzo de Cárdenas, told Jornal Ok Diario that in the tissue paper market, in 2020, the manufacturer’s brand grew more than its private label, in all categories. “In relation to 2021, we will have to see how it evolves. As we did last year, brands will have to show that we know how to meet the needs of citizens”, he commented.

Regarding the manufacturers’ brands, the executive stated that Renova is among the leaders in all categories of papers, being the first brand, for example, in the napkin market. “In addition, we have been in the Top 5 of the most consumed drugstore brands in Spain for several years, according to the annual rankings prepared by Kantar”, he added.

The sales director also spoke about the importance of innovation in the tissue market and gave his opinion on what will be the priorities of consumers in a post-pandemic scenario: “sustainability, hygiene, digital, solidarity and quality”. “These are concepts that are already widely repeated in countless articles, analyzes and interviews, but that should not be minimized for this reason. It will also be necessary to find solutions for an environment that, until it recovers, will be affected by a serious economic crisis”, he defended.

Sustainability, within these factors, should be especially relevant for companies in the near future. “For us, it is already an inherent attribute of the brand: saying Renova means sustainability. Yes, it seems like a slogan, but in the case of our brand, it is a reality”, he guaranteed. “Our own recycling unit (from which approximately half of our total raw material comes out) is the first brand in our sector to have an eco-labeled range”, he stressed.

The company achieved ISO 14001 in a pioneering way and also went ahead, in the sector at European level, in the development of recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging instead of plastic, in addition to installing solar panels in its factory. “Examples that reflect that sustainable facet of Renova’s DNA and all its products, always seeking to take care of the planet and reuse its resources as much as possible,” he added.

The company recently launched Recycled, a new line of 100% recycled paper packaging, with FSC and Ecolabel certifications. The path towards the progressive elimination of plastic from Renova’s portfolio began its journey in 2018 with the Paper Pack line.

Renova Recycled consists of premium triple-leaf toilet paper, extra-absorbent toilet paper and size XXL, double-leaf napkins and facial tissue. “All of these are, in short, solutions developed by the brand to contribute to a better and more sustainable world”, concluded de Cárdenas.

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