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Runtech Systems RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower features Active Magnetic Bearings

The solution is on display at PulPaper exhibition, the leading international event for the forest industry

RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower is the biggest of RunEco models. It features an integrated 1,000 kW high-speed drive with a speed up to 11,500 rpm. EP1000 is now available with active magnetic bearings.

Active magnetic bearings levitate the rotational part of the electric motor using electromagnetic forces. By levitating the rotor there is no contact and therefore no wear between the rotating and stationary parts. This increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. Operation is totally oil free and very robust against impeller build-up.

“Active Magnetic Bearing technology is a major leap towards more sustainable papermaking, with very affordable total cost of ownership. 1 MW unit offers unbeatable small footprint and material efficiency combined to low energy consumption over the lifetime of the product,” says Ville Lahdensuo, R&D Director, Runtech Systems.

EP Turbo, the first-ever variable speed and variable capacity turbo blower, saves 30–70% in energy compared with traditional vacuum systems. EP Turbo Blower is a totally water-free solution with significant heat recovery potential. Its compact design also reduces installation costs.

RunEco EP1000 Turbo is a single-stage speed-controlled blower designed for large paper machines and both greenfield and retrofit installations. The open 3D Impeller design gives top efficiency together with good controllability.

RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower with magnetic bearings is on display at PulPaper exhibition, the leading international event for the forest industry. The event takes places on June 7-9 in Helsinki, Finland.

More information:

Ville Lahdensuo, R&D Director, Runtech Systems;, tel. +358 40 864 3225

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Runtech Systems is a global provider of engineered systems tailored to the pulp and paper industries. Runtech works with customers to better understand and control their operational conditions to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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