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Sofidel is committed to helping people fleeing the war

The company has implemented initiatives in Hungary, Poland and Romania

Sofidel, one of the world leaders in the production of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, took to the field to make its contribution for people fleeing the war.

Operating in Hungary with its plant in Lábatlan, the company decided to make available a supply equivalent to 40 thousand rolls of toilet paper to the Nagycsaládosok Országos Egyesülete association (National Organization of Families).

The initiative implemented by Sofidel Hungary joins similar ones by Sofidel Poland and Sofidel Romania.

In Poland, though its plant in Ciechanów, Sofidel has also decided to support the Polish Red Cross and Caritas Poland – committed to welcoming thousands of civilians fleeing the conflict by supplying products equal to 60 thousand rolls of toilet paper.

In Romania, where it operates with its factory in Călăraşi, it decided to support the Romanian Red Cross, which in recent days has been working to welcome thousands of civilians fleeing the conflict, providing products equivalent to 30 thousand rolls of toilet paper.

“This is a way for Sofidel to express closeness and show solidarity with people in conditions of great material difficulty and deep psychological suffering”, the company wrote on its website.

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