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Tork PeakServe expanding range of products to meet increased demands on public hygiene

According to a recent global study from Essity, 57% say that they have increased their expectations on the hygiene standard of public toilets due to COVID-19

With the introduction of a new premium refill and two recently launched dispenser formats for additional flexibility added to the Tork PeakServe family, facility managers can now ensure a high level of hygiene and serve their entire facility with the same system.

Hand hygiene has become top of mind for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent global study from Essity, 57% say that they have increased their expectations on the hygiene standard of public toilets due to COVID-19.

To help facility managers set up for business and make people feel safe under the current circumstances, Tork is expanding the Tork PeakServe family with a new premium refill and two recently launched dispenser formats, adding increased flexibility to serve facilities’ high-capacity needs. Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel System sets a new standard for high-capacity dispensing. It offers the highest capacity on the market2 thanks to towels that are compressed by 50%3, ensuring that people always have hygienic paper towels at their disposal.

Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel system uses compressed paper towels to offer the highest capacity on the market with up to 250% more towels4. The high-capacity dispenser system reduces the risk of unexpected runouts and avoids crowded restrooms thanks to the easy-to-use, continuous system which serves people in 3 seconds. Together with a solution where people only touch the towels they use, the Tork PeakServe dispenser system delivers a more hygienic hand drying solution that helps customers secure the new hygiene standard.

“Proper hand hygiene is critical to keep people healthy and safe. We can promote proper hygiene standards by ensuring facilities are equipped with systems that reduce the risk of runouts. This is not only essential, it is crucial. We know from recent research that people have increased their expectations on public spaces and in particular public restrooms. Hence, facility managers can play a key role to help make people feel safe. The Tork PeakServe system provides continuous availability of hand towels, which helps people practice proper hand hygiene and reduces the risk of infections”, says Cheryl Rickert, Sr. Product Manager for Hand Towels at Tork.

The latest addition to the Tork PeakServe family is the Tork PeakServe Premium Refill, which delivers softness and enhanced performance5. It is also 20% more absorbent5 and features an attractive visual appearance with the Tork leaf. Now facility managers can be more flexible and cater to different restroom experience requirements in different areas of the facility, while still using the same dispensing system.

The other Tork PeakServe family members include the recently launched Tork PeakServe Mini, a smaller version of the standard Tork PeakServe dispenser, with a capacity of up to 1,230 towels, making it the slimmest and smallest high-capacity dispenser on the market. Tork has also introduced Tork PeakServe Recessed, which is compatible with many types of recessed cabinets, making it possible to improve existing cabinets without extensive renovation. It also increases recessed cabinets’ capacity by up to 40%6, and comes in two adapter sizes, small and large.

A common challenge for high-traffic facilities is restrooms with varying traffic flows and restroom layouts. This has led to facilities using several hand wiping solutions throughout the facility, adding complexity to inventory management and servicing restrooms. With Tork PeakServe, facility managers can benefit from having one system across the entire facility, which saves time and frees up space in storage closets and on cleaning staff carts, while also being flexible enough to enable different restroom experiences in different areas of the facility thanks to the new refill.

“The Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System enables facilities to use the same solution in all types of restrooms, regardless of size, layouts or number of visitors, which means that staff will be able to free up time and space. Tork PeakServe dispensers can also be topped up at any time and allow cleaning staff to focus more of their attention on maintaining and improving hygiene, rather than on dispenser checks,” says Rickert.

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