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Vice president of Sales for Cascades PRO indicates company’s vision for the future

“The industry is transforming itself and that’s what motivates me”, said François David

The past year and a half has seen a number of rising trends within the jan/san industry, some of which stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic. While the whole world now find it in a better position, the pandemic completely changed how we view hygiene and products for basic necessities, like cleaning products, paper towels and toilet paper, and that’s not something that will change in the foreseeable future.

Cascades recently announced that François David, previously vice president of Marketing and Innovation of Cascades Tissue Group, has expanded his responsibilities with the company by also being appointed the vice president of Sales for Cascades PRO. Looking to 2022 and beyond, David and his team will continue to look for ways to further elevate hygiene for Cascade’s customers.

“Since my very first day at Cascades in March 2020, one of my main priorities was to elevate Cascade’s customer-centric focus and position us as a thought leader within the jan/san industry”, said David. “Now, in my more expanded role, those goals are still very much at the top of my to-do list. By integrating sales with our marketing and innovation efforts, we will be better poised to build meaningful relationships and drive innovation for our customers, while also supporting our overall business transformation”, completed.

Another trend that has been picking up steam over the past few years is e-commerce, with more and more companies and customers embracing it – Cascades included.

In his new role, David will be focused on helping Cascades become more fully integrated overall with e-commerce-ready solutions for conscious packaging of products to better address evolving customer needs. These ideas will be supported by existing sustainable processes for products and will speak directly to the need for timely and quality service.

“When I think about today’s paper industry, one word comes to mind: opportunity. The industry is transforming itself and that’s what motivates me – learning a new industry and being a part of a movement that will bring something from where it is, to something better. I’m excited to see what the future holds for both Cascades and our customers”, conclude David.

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