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WEKO non-contact fluid application system guarantees encapsulated protection with extraction

Using the WEKO-PROTEC solution, it is possible to avoid the presence of harmful chemical sprays outside the system

To have a product with greater added value, it is essential to offer differentials that meet consumer quality requirements, such as pleasant aroma, softness and smoothness, sustainability and tear resistance.

For manufacturers to obtain a differentiated product, WEKO offers contact-free precision application systems for the most diverse types of liquids, with which tissue product lines can be functionally equipped.

With the safety differential for employees, the company offers the WEKO-PROTEC solution, an encapsulated application unit with extraction, to avoid the presence of harmful chemical sprays outside the system.


The Fluid is supplied to the fast-rotating rotor discs and distributed by the centrifugal forces. This generates a uniform flow of ultra-fine micro-droplets landing on the material web.

Thanks to the encapsulated application unit, the protection against escaping aerosols is significantly improved, achieving quality and cleanliness in the work environment and in the machine itself through a highly efficient extraction, which provides the desired protection.

The solution is ideal for functional equipment such as softeners, avivages, flame protection agents, silicones, hydrophilic/hydrophobic finishing, antimicrobial finishing, oily lubricants and many more.


  • Protection of the health of employees, as no harmful aerosols escape
  • No nuisance from unpleasant odors
  • Safety at the workplace, as there is no contamination of the environment by slippery substances

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