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Canfor Pulp Announces Extension of Production Curtailment at Taylor Pulp

Rail service backlogs in Britsh Columbia has forced Canfor Pulp to extend production downtime at its Taylor pulp mill

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. announced a further six-week (minimum) extension of the curtailment of Softwood Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP) production at Taylor Pulp due to the ongoing transportation shortages that have resulted in continued high finished product inventories at the pulp mill.

In February, the company said that it was forced to curtail the production of BCTMP at the Taylor mill for six weeks in response to significant transportation shortages that have resulted in inventories at the pulp mill reaching capacity. The first six-week curtailment reduced the mill’s production by about 25,000 tons.

“Unfortunately, the ongoing rail transportation situation has not improved, and we have no choice but to extend the current production curtailment,” said Kevin Anderson, VP Operations, Canfor Pulp. “We are very disappointed in the ongoing impact this is having on our employees, their families and the community.”

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