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Essity launched the new Tempo Bamboo ECO tissues

The tissues are made from 25% fast growing bamboo and improve the CO2 footprint by up to 5%

Essity, the global hygiene and health company, launched the new Tempo Bamboo ECO, a new range of tissues made with 25% fast re-growing bamboo fibers. The tissues are produced at a -5% lower carbon footprint while maintaining a consistently strong, soft, and washing machine-resistant product. “This is a key step in our journey towards sustainability,” the company commented in a note on LinkedIn.

Tempo Bamboo ECO tissues “are strong enough to remain intact even in the washing machine.” In addition, “they are perfect to intercept colds, clean stains and at the same time protect the environment,” the company commented on its website.

In addition to being made of 25% bamboo – a resource that grows faster than the fibers regularly used in the production of tissue – Tempo Bamboo ECO is biodegradable, recyclable and without compromising quality since it has 3 thick layers.

All fibers are of 100% natural origin, come from responsible sources and are FSC certified. Their packaging is recyclable just like their other tissue boxes, and they will be made with paper openings to be thrown away when empty.

For now, Tempo Bamboo ECO scarves will only be available in Germany, then Switzerland and Austria.

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