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In its 4th edition, iT’s Tissue presents the main innovations for the market

Tissue Online followed the news exposed at the event, which brings together the main players in the tissue industry

Between June 6th and 10th, the fourth edition of iT’s Tissue took place in Lucca, Italy. Since 2013, the Tissue Italy Network, an association formed by manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the tissue sector, has opened its doors on an itinerant schedule, held every three years.

Last week, the founder of Tissue Online and CEO of the Nexum Group, Felipe Quintino, attended the open houses that took place in the city of Lucca, the world’s tissue capital.

“Lucca is considered the tissue capital of the world. This is because it is the place with the largest number of facilities per square kilometer in the world and the largest volume of production in Italy, more than 70% of the country’s tissue production is manufactured here in Lucca”, explained Quintino. The city also has the largest number of manufacturers of paper machines, equipment, and their accessories, as well as converting lines, and other suppliers in the tissue production chain.

Meeting at Tissue Home, buses left the city center with visits to the manufacturers, who offered two to three sessions a day of presentations and demonstrations of machines and solutions.

“It’s a traveling day where you get to visit two or three facilities and learn about their solutions. Everything that is most modern – launches that are happening in the tissue world – is being presented here”, said the founder of Tissue Online, who saw this news firsthand.

There were two years of a pandemic during which the market waited for the events to return and prepared for the open houses in order to bring the latest in papermaking, highlighting topics such as reducing energy consumption. “Sustainability was much explored among the participants, who presented solutions with zero fossil fuels and other ecologically correct differentials – both the machine manufacturers and the machine input manufacturers”, added Quintino.

In the conversion segment, there was a great focus on OEE, showing which points it was possible to improve on the machines after carrying out tests and studies. “We need good productivity and low cost to be competitive in the market, so efficiency is important”, commented the executive.

In addition, innovations focused on e-commerce were presented, mainly in the packaging area, with products that are already packaged from the machines.

Another highlight was the technologies and digitalization of the companies, which offer technical assistance and software for remote assistance and production monitoring, in addition to intelligent platforms linked to the customer’s stock to control spare parts. “Increasingly, technologies have been created and improved”, observed Quintino.

The event was attended by executives from around the world and offered an overview of what to expect from the sector in terms of innovation. “These are very interesting technologies and innovations that will hit the market in the coming months,” he concluded.

“More than 1,000 registered participants representing 250 companies in the tissue industry from all continents. Our thanks to all the visitors that came from around the world to visit the Open Houses of our Network Members,” commented the organization of the event, in a post on LinkedIn.

The next issue of iT’s Tissue takes place in 2025.

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