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KT By Knix Launches Children’s Book About Menstruation

The book was born out of a desire to avoid shying away from talking about periods

Kt by Knix, sister brand to intimates and apparel powerhouse brand Knix, is launching Some Periods – the first of its kind children’s book about menstruation. Knix Founder and President, Joanna Griffiths was inspired by her own lived experience as a child, to create a much needed resource to educate children about their bodies, how they work and prepare for puberty.

According to the company, Some Periods was created to support early period education for kids so that when the time comes for their first period, they know there is nothing shameful or “ew” about it – because periods are normal.

This book was born out of a desire to avoid shying away from talking about periods. When we shy away from this, we send the message that periods are shameful or gross. Kt by Knix intends to take the confusion, embarrassment and misinformation about periods and use this book to empower people to bleed with confidence.

“That’s why this book is very special to me. It’s a book I wish I had growing up. A book I’m excited to read to my children over and over again. So, to the young menstruator in your life, I hope this book will show them that while some periods may be different, all periods are beautiful,” says Joanna Griffiths, Founder & President of Knix and Kt by Knix.

The children’s book launched on September 7th with $5,000 being donated to I Support The Girls. By partnering with a like-minded organization like I Support The Girls, the right messages and resources will get into the right hands to further period education and break taboos associated with periods.

Some Periods is by Joanna Griffiths and Kt by Knix, and illustrated by Sarah Rebar. To learn more about Some Periods, visit

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