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Libresse sponsors the Gothia Cup youth soccer tournament The intimate hygiene brand

Libresse joins as title sponsor of the Gothia Cup, highlighting its commitment to menstrual health in sport

In a post on LinkedIn, Andreas Larsson, Senior Product Manager at Essity, shared the news about the world’s largest youth soccer event that takes place every summer in Gothenburg. This event attracts 1850 teams from over 80 different countries, making it an internationally recognized platform for youth talent in the sport of soccer.

Libresse, Essity’s intimate hygiene brand, will be one of the main sponsors of this sporting event. This partnership represents the importance of proper menstrual protection during sporting activity.

Oda Mustorp, Senior Brand Manager of Libresse, said “We at Libresse are looking forward to partnering with the Gothia Cup for the second consecutive year and continuing the important work of breaking menstrual taboos in the world of sports and supporting and educating about menstruation for all young women”

As part of this partnership, the Tork Period Care dispenser will be implemented in the locker rooms, offering pads, pads and tampons, ensuring the comfort and safety of all players during the tournament.

This initiative reflects Libresse and Essity’s commitment to promoting the inclusion and well-being of women in the sporting arena, as well as their goal of encouraging open conversations about menstrual health in all spheres of life.

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