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Meet Pulsar Engineering’s QUATIS – Quality Inspection Machines for Tissue

Quatis, a unique system to ensure the quality of 100% of your unpacked or packed products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator

Pulsar Engineering’s Quatis (Quality Inspection Machines for Tissue) is a unique system that ensure the quality of 100% of your unpacked or packed products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator.

The system monitors and checks the products’ compliance directly on the conveying systems, with the possibility of ejecting non-compliant ones. Assuring that the products intended for sale conform to the requirements, increasing the quality perceived by the end-user. All Quatis systems are stand-alone modules, allowing the implementation either in new or existing converting lines.

Quatis additionally offers the opportunity to improve the upstream machine settings, increasing the line’s efficiency and production capacity. Moreover, the system allows performing a series of statistical analyses to determine the frequency and the causes of non-compliance, essential to evaluate and check the quality of the production process.

With Quatis:

  • Every loss of compliance recorded is accounted over time to provide statistics
  • Statistical data relating to the entire sum of non-compliant products are in % and compared with all examined products, permitting to determine the frequency of each lack of compliance
  • The customer can store the type of the format, the session of production, and the production lot to keep this information related to the level of non-compliance detected to allow traceability
  • The customer can gather and store images of the rolls/bags/packs/interfolded products which are not compliant with the standards by associating their respective production data

The Quatis family counts six machines, and one has been exposed at MIAC (in Lucca, Italy) for the first time this October. It’s Quatis Pocket.

  QUATIS – Machine designed to check the compliance of un-wrapped tissue products

  QUATIS – Machine designed to check the compliance of wrapped tissue products

  Quatis for Bags

  Quatis for Interfolded products


Vision is a modular system for the quality inspection of tissue products based on image analysis. In particular, for the examination of interfolded products, both wrapped and unwrapped. Besides checking the quality of products, the system can detect and read alphanumeric codes while digitizing them using OCR technology.

The modular concept and its dimensions permit various configurations of use, both in new and existing lines.

The considerable number and type of inspections and the construction method make it customizable for diverse specifications that satisfy every application and budget.


Quatis Pocket is the latest addition to Pulsar Engineering’s QUATIS family. It’s very versatile, thanks to its small size, and fits in two suitcases:

One for the 220v electrical panel, a PC with pre-wired cables and internal cards, and one for the vision head. Suitable for small products (maximum dimensions W160, H160, L280 mm) or large products (maximum dimensions W220, H220, L360 mm), not only of the tissue sector. Easy handling and transport and only 20 minutes of setup time are two peculiarities.

High level of customization to reproduce the inspections of the various Quatis machines (rolls, packs, bags, folded) that a user evaluates, such as non-conforming length, irregular surface, non-conforming logos/images, etc. These inspections lead to the creation in real-time of a quality database for evaluation. QUATIS POCKET interfaces with any laptop works with an Ethernet connection, is connected able to the company network, and can be supplied with a monitor and a keyboard.

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