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Renova focuses on China and Mexico markets

Despite facing several challenges, the company opened virtual stores in China and now has Mexico as its next target

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic led the European Renova, the largest tissue paper case in the world, to face several challenges, from reacting to the race for toilet paper to changing the factory routine to avoid contamination among its employees.

According to the company’s president, Paulo Pereira da Silva, this period has been a real stress test for the company, famous for its innovative products, marked by different colors and designs. “It was very tiring”. The executive also admitted that toilet paper could become the symbol of the pandemic.

According to the president, so far, no one has been infected inside Renova. “But before the isolation, I was quarantined, as I was in a meeting with other presidents of companies and one of them had the disease”, he explains.

For two months, however, Paulo has been going to Renova every day. “All the people who could perform their duties remotely were working at home and, little by little, were returning. Those in the factories all came to work,  because, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was all that madness about toilet paper”, he comments.

To meet this demand, it was necessary to “make decisions constantly”, he says. “We were all learning to work differently. Nobody knew very well how to proceed, whether to use masks or not, what should be disinfected… The priority was protecting people, they had to enter on one side and leave on the other, the shifts were out of step, there were warnings, tests, disinfection, protective materials… We had prevention teams, some stayed at home for 15 days and then others stayed for the next 15 days, in case someone was infected in one of these teams. In the offices, there are more absences, there are fewer people in the cafeteria. The work at the factory was remarkable, the people were spectacular”, he points out.


Despite the crisis, Renova opened virtual stores in China, through two of the most relevant e-commerce platforms in the country, in which was offered its main products, mainly tissues, napkins and toilet paper, perfumed and colored, in addition to his famous black toilet paper.

Paulo explains that the company continues to export to around 70 countries, but in some, “they sell very little”. The company now has Mexico as one of its main focuses. “Spain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are the most important markets, they are the closest. The UK has grown a lot and there are also the Baltic countries, Germany and Switzerland. However, the two priorities now – which are the markets we are attacking in the same way as when we decided to go to France or Spain – are China and Mexico. In China, the strategy is almost entirely digital, while in Mexico, there may be some local production, not made by us, but by someone for us”, he concludes.


Renova is a European brand of innovative and high quality products. Available in around 70 countries worldwide, it offers colorful designs and new functional solutions through elegant and environmentally friendly products for home and personal hygiene. The company’s main differential is to abuse the colors, lights and movements in its creations.

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