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Suzano increases pulp prices in North America and Europe

The new values, adjusted by $30 and $40, respectively, will be valid for orders placed after February 1st.

Brazilian pulpmaker Suzano SA will increase pulp prices in Europe and North America, according to industry sources. The new values ​​will be effective for orders placed after February 1st.

The price for the European market will be increased by $ 30 per tonne, from $ 1,140 to US$ 1,170. In North America, the increase will be slightly higher, from $ 40 per tonne, adjusting the value from $ 1,340 to $ 1,380.

Suzano confirmed the readjustment figures.

Earlier this month, Suzano informed customers in Asia of a $50 per tonne increase in pulp prices. That move came on top of previous price increases of $20 and $30 per tonne.

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