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Guy & O’Neill, biom Join Responsible Flushing Alliance

RFA works to mitigate the improper flushing of non-flushable personal care products

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) announced that Guy & O’Neill and biom have joined its coalition of wipes manufacturers, wastewater treatment groups, and public health advocates working to mitigate the improper flushing of non-flushable personal care products.

“Our 2023 campaign aims to increase consumer awareness of the ‘Do Not Flush’ symbol and promote proper flushing habits, and the addition of Guy & O’Neill and biom will propel these efforts even further,” said RFA President Lara Wyss. “We are excited to see RFA’s continued growth this year and know that strong participation from industry partners is the key to making meaningful progress in consumer education.”

“Guy & O’Neill is well-known as a leading innovation partner in the household and personal care industry, particularly in the emerging areas of bio-based formulations, ‘clean’ ingredients and sustainable packaging. Partnering with the Responsible Flushing Alliance is an exciting opportunity for Guy & O’Neill to continue caring for our communities and infrastructures,” Guy & O’Neill CEO Jeff Brooks stated.

Joy Campbell, SVP of Innovation at Guy & O’Neill stated, “We are eager to join the Responsible Flushing Alliance and industry peers in advancing consumer awareness of smart flushing habits. The scientists and engineers at Guy & O’Neill are passionate about championing responsible flushing, as well as designing products that are safe to flush.”

In July 2022, California’s Wet Wipes Labelling Law went into effect, mandating the inclusion of the “Do Not Flush” symbol on all packaging of non-flushable wipes. The law also mandates that the wipes industry conduct a consumer education effort to draw attention to the symbol and help consumers understand what products are not designed to be flushed. Many in the industry, after implementing the symbol notice on product packaging, joined RFA to help launch the #FlushSmart campaign. This campaign uses the “Do Not Flush” symbol to help consumers understand the importance of following flushing instructions to help maintain a healthy home, community, and environment.

“It’s an honor to join the amazing group of thought-leaders and industry innovators at the Responsible Flushing Alliance,” biom CEO and co-founder Will Gahagan said. “At biom, we’re on a mission to clean up the wipes industry, and with our brand-new Flushable Wipes offering, we know we’ll be in good company with the other members who want to help better educate consumers and start a meaningful conversation about flushability best practices.”

“We think biom is in a great position to contribute to the ongoing conversation and education about flushable wipes and their effect on the cities and communities who use them,” biom CPO and co-founder Hank Schellenger said. “With our product development and research, combined with other members’ resources and expertise, we’re looking forward to building awareness, educating consumers, and continuing to innovate along the way.”

RFA first launched its #FlushSmart campaign in California to spread awareness of the “Do Not Flush” symbol as it swept across wipes packaging beginning in July 2022. Having reached more than 8 million social media users across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram through its inaugural consumer education campaign in 2022, RFA is initiating new strategies in 2023 to reach even more consumers in order to help prevent problems caused by flushing non-flushable products down the toilet.

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