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Nice-Pak to close German facility and shift production to UK plants

The company is relocating its German production to the UK, with the closure of its Osterweddingen site, while Kimberly-Clark faces challenges due to new UK plastic regulations

Nice-Pak International (NPI) has announced the closure of its production facility in Osterweddingen, Germany. The company, a subsidiary of the US-based Nice-Pak Products, will relocate its German production operations to its UK plants in Flint and Wigan.

The decision to centralize production in the UK follows an assessment of future plans and evolving market conditions. The UK facilities were identified as better positioned to compete effectively in both the country and continental Europe markets.

Despite this shift, Nice-Pak has assured that the Flint site will remain crucial to the company’s operations. Nice-Pak, a leading producer of wipes for major supermarkets and brands, holds a substantial share of the UK wipes market. Its product range includes baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, moist toilet tissue, household cleaning, and personal care wipes.

The company reported that by the end of 2023, over 90% of its wipes produced for the UK market were plastic-free, with more than 80% of its packaging being fully recyclable. Additionally, in January 2024, Nice-Pak’s UK operations were recognized as a ‘Top Employer’ for the eleventh consecutive year.

Gary Giles, CEO of Nice-Pak Products, acknowledged the contributions of the German workforce: “We have a very dedicated and talented workforce in Osterweddingen”. He emphasized the company’s commitment to making the transition as smooth as possible for the affected employees, stating: “We recognize the impact of this decision on each of our team there and we will do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible for them”.

Giles also expressed confidence in the UK teams, noting that “Flint and Wigan teams inspire confidence as the company absorbs the German production into its UK operations, positioning itself to continue competing robustly in the European market”.

In contrast, Kimberly-Clark, another major player in the market, is facing challenges with its Flint manufacturing site due to new UK legislation banning single-use plastics in certain products, effective from 1 October. The US-based company has proposed closing the Flint facility, putting over 200 jobs at risk. Should the closure be confirmed, the site will remain operational until 2025, with efforts ongoing to transition affected products and support employees through the change.

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