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Ontex unveils advanced anti-leak technology for baby diapers

New Stop&Lock technology promised comprehensive leakage protection, enhancing comfort and convenience for babies and parents alike

Ontex Group NV, an international developer and producer of personal care solutions, has unveiled its new Stop&Lock Anti-Leak technology designed for baby care. This innovation introduced front and back barriers in the newborn and mini sizes of baby diapers, produced by Ontex for its retailer partners.

The Stop&Lock Anti-Leak technology has already seen successful implementation in select baby diapers in North America. In June, it is set to launch at a major European retailer. The technology, which includes leg barriers, provides comprehensive 360-degree leakage protection, effectively addressing the common issue of ‘poo explosions’ experienced by newborns fed on breastmilk or formula. This advancement not only enhances baby comfort but also alleviates parental concerns about major leaks, a significant consumer motivator highlighted in research.


A panel test conducted in Europe in 2024 revealed that 20% of surveyed parents expressed concern about substantial diaper leaks, with many noting that such leaks disrupt outings, as well as their baby’s sleep and playtime. In response, Ontex’s front and back barriers ensure four-sided leak protection against both urine and liquid stool, reducing the need for frequent and complete outfit changes due to leakage incidents.

Annick De Poorter, chief innovation & sustainability officer at Ontex, stated: “I am proud that we are making everyday life easier for parents with technology that is helpful and affordable at the same time. I am confident our retail partners will appreciate this, which brings us closer to our strategic vision to be their leading partner across Europe and North America”.

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