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A customer-focused vision

With an extensive history in the tissue industry, Kinetic, in addition to offering quality products, always strives for customer satisfaction

Located in Greendale, Wisconsin, Kinetic works with the finest industrial knives and hardened wear products, the best metallurgical equipment, the best quality cast and rolled steel, and to make it all work the employees are highly trained.

During the late 1940s, industrial salesman CL Masters started a small machine shop in his garage because he had many requests from his customers for superior quality knives. He devoted his time to research and the development of better products. Shortly after moving into the new premises CL passed away, and his youngest son Joseph was appointed president. Kinetic is now led by the third generation with Cash Masters the eldest son, and has continued to invest in modern technology while maintaining the company’s tried and tested manufacturing techniques. All Kinetic does is listen to their customers.

It’s common to see Cash working in the shop at Kinetic: “when I take people on tours here, it is common to him under a machine helping to fix it. He is a hardworking owner and he enjoys it. Imagine the owner of Kinetic is the one making the knife in many cases. He is physically involved in the process, which is very unique. We started in a garage, and now we are in a hundred thousand square foot building”, adds Jeff Lovelien, Paper Marketing Manager.

Having the owner of the company present is a positive thing, as it makes it easier to discuss projects and different ongoing issues. Lovelien points out: “He is very knowledgeable. We also have Rocky Sperka, who is the CEO of our company, and he really works with us on the sales end and how we interact with customers and different plans we are making for the future.

Our customer service is phenomenal. We are able to help customers, listen to what their needs are and be able to say: we think you need this”.

For the year 2021, Kinetic is preparing an operational machine called Olga. An offline grinding assembly device. Where you can sharpen everything on the same machine, like grinding log saw blades from twenty inches up to 40 inches in diameter. Jeff Lovelien says “it is all adjustable and very secure, and we want people to know about it”. Tests with the blades are already being finalized.

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