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Daye introduces at-home HPV diagnostic tampon for enhanced cervical cancer screening

New at-home test aimed to increase accessibility and comfort for users while providing accurate detection of high-risk HPV strains

Daye, a specialist in feminine health, has introduced a new at-home testing solution aimed at enhancing cervical cancer prevention. The company’s latest innovation, the HPV Diagnostic Tampon, enables users to screen for 14 high-risk HPV strains conveniently and discreetly from home. Currently available in the United Kingdom, the kit is set to be rolled out across the European Union soon.

The testing process involves inserting the tampon into the vagina for 20 minutes to collect a sample. Once the sample is obtained, it is analyzed using advanced molecular PCR testing, known for its accuracy in detecting vaginal infections. Users can expect to receive a comprehensive report, which includes results and summaries of the latest medical research, within five to ten days.

Daye has chosen tampons for at-home screening due to their non-invasive nature and the comfort they offer. This method allows for the collection of comprehensive samples from the entire vaginal canal. Research published in the Journal of Human Reproduction and BMC Women’s Health indicated that Daye tampons demonstrate improved sensitivity in detecting infections compared to traditional swabs.

The company’s initiative aims to make cervical cancer screening more accessible and less intimidating, potentially increasing the rate of early detection and treatment.

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