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Kimberly-Clark announces sustainability strategy for the next decade

The company stablished sustainability goals to accomplish by 2030

In order to face social and environmental challenges for the next decade, Kimberly-Clark has announced its new sustainability strategies and goals to reach by 2030. They commit to improve life and well-being of one billion people in vulnerable communities all around the world with the smallest amount of environmental footprint.

Kimberly-Clark has a big amount of trusted brands like Huggies, Kleenex, Andrex among others that delivers essential supplies to one quarter of people around the world, however millions around the world still don´t have access to basic products that could simply give them a better quality of life, either because they don´t have access or can´t afford them. To attend these social needs is the company´s new 10-year commitment, to promote the wellbeing of over a billion people in vulnerable and needy communities.

Their goal is to create positive social results in three different areas by taking care of people´s health and wellbeing during their entire life, defying stigmas and defending woman´s progress all around the world, and defending a better world where everyone can have access to potable water and sanitation.

“We make lives better when we break down barriers and create opportunities with our purpose-driven brands and products,” said Alison Lewis, Chief Growth Officer for Kimberly-Clark. “To reach a billion people is certainly an ambitious goal that requires a significant step change from our previous efforts, and we are ready to take it on.”

Another goal they established is to protect the natural systems and to do so they are focusing in areas that can make a greater difference, such as water, plastics, forests and climate. Each area of their new environmental strategy aim is to reduce all the footprints by half:

Carbon Footprint – The company is committed to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations and supply chain by 50 percent for absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions (direct and indirect) from its operations, as well as a 20 percent reduction in absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services and end of life treatment of sold products.

Forest Footprint – Kimberly-Clark will continue its previously stated goal to reduce its Natural (Northern) Forest Fiber footprint by 50 percent by 2025 and increase use of environmentally preferred fibers such as plantation-grown wood, alternative non-wood and recycled fibers. In addition, the company’s 2030 goals will tackle the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, and the impact on Indigenous communities, and communities that depend on forests for their livelihoods.

Water Footprint – By 2030, Kimberly-Clark intends to reduce its water footprint by 50 percent in water-stressed regions by creating meaningful improvements in the supply chain and the surrounding communities. The impact of water insecurity and water scarcity is felt across the value chain, from the sources of fiber to the manufacturing facilities.

Plastics Footprint – Kimberly-Clark will reduce its use of new, fossil-fuel based plastics by 50 percent through delivery of solutions that use more renewable materials and can be regenerated after use. The strategy builds on the company’s previous leadership in manufacturing waste diversion to tackle single-use plastics in its products and packaging, and support innovation in waste collection and circular systems.

“Kimberly-Clark’s continued commitment to doing the right thing underpins our social impact and smallest footprint ambitions,” said Lisa Morden, Vice President of Safety, Sustainability and Occupational Health, Kimberly-Clark. “Living our purpose begins with ensuring the health and safety of our customers, consumers, and employees, promoting diversity and inclusion within our business, and protecting the rights of workers across our supply chain. These are essential to our ambitions.”

To see the company’s 2019 Global Sustainability Report, click here. (link:

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