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Lucart is committed to the protection and conservation of forests with FSC® France

“As a major European player in paper recycling, Lucart has always placed the conservation and enhancement of the natural capital of forests at the center of his concerns” - Alessandro Pasquini

Lucart has signed a partnership with the Groupement Forestier Vosges Nord (GFVN) to financially support the conservation and conservation of 551 hectares of the Dambach forest (Massifdes Vosges du Nord) as part of the ecosystem services enhancement project managed by FSC® France.

Managed by the forestry expert Evrard de Turckheim and located near the Lucart factory in Laval-sur-Vologne, the forest property is part of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park which is recognized by UNESCO and represents a transboundary biosphere reserve.

“Investing in FSC® certified forests means giving forests the services they provide to society as a whole and rewarding the work of the foresters who are in this process”, explains Aurélien Sautière, Executive Director of the FSC® France association.

“Through his efforts, Lucart helps maintain responsible forest management and conservation of protected species. We welcome this approach, which is in line with the conclusions of the recent COP26 in Glasgow, which placed forests at the center of the concerns of the signatory states. We can only encourage and thank the actors who are committed to developing respectful of local natural resources”.


FSC® certified for its finished products, Lucart has always guaranteed the use and traceability of the cellulose fibers selected in responsibly managed forests according to very strict environmental, social and economic standards. Strongly committed to a Group-wide Sustainable Development strategy, Lucart has always wanted to anticipate the times and offer technologies and papers that respect the environment.

Lucart is the first tissue paper manufacturer (toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towels, etc.) to invest in FSC® ecosystem services in France. Lucart thus participates in the protection of biodiversity in the Dambach forest where the forestry group sets up freely evolving areas and treats arboreal habitats to favor the development of fauna and flora. It also contributes to the storage of carbon in forest soil and trees.

With this project, Lucart also wanted to enhance and recognize the work of forest managers who work daily to preserve biodiversity, protect the quality of the soil, air and water, producing more and more quality wood.

“As a major European player in paper recycling, Lucart has always placed the conservation and enhancement of the natural capital of forests at the center of his concerns. This is why, for the production of our products, we have always supported the right balance between use of recycled fibers and FSC ® certified virgin fibers”, explains Alessandro Pasquini, President of Lucart SAS.

“This project represents an excellent way for Lucart to strengthen its commitment locally, thus contributing to the achievement of key objectives such as the protection of biodiversity, CO2 capture and the development of sustainable human activities.”


With the publication of its 16th sustainability report last July, Lucart has renewed its commitment to lead the green transition in the paper industry. Today, Lucart uses more recycled paper (84%) than virgin fibers (16%) in its Laval-sur-Vologne plant to produce its hygiene products.

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