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Cascades PRO Brand Manager awarded with ISSA NextGen Rising Star

Throughout her five-year career with Cascades, Valerie has dedicated herself to promoting safer and greener hygiene

Cascades Tissue Group announced that Valérie Gagné-Cyr, Cascades PRO Brand Manager, was recently honored at ISSA Show North America with the ISSA NextGen Rising Star Award in Honor of Jimmy Core.

The ISSA NextGen Rising Star Award in Honor of Jimmy Core recognizes emerging leaders who are helping to change the way the world views cleaning by making positive and innovative contributions to their organizations and the overall cleaning industry.

“I am so thankful to receive this great honor,” said Gagné-Cyr. “If there is a year this recognition is particularly rewarding – it’s this one. This industry makes a difference; we make a difference every single day, and we should all be very proud to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds because what we are creating today will become the hygiene standard for future generations. If that doesn’t motivate you to get up in the morning, I don’t know what will.”

Throughout her five-year career with Cascades, Valerie has dedicated herself to promoting safer and greener hygiene. She has been a pillar of innovation and leadership and continues to improve the cleaning industry through her passion and vision. Her leadership within her team allows her to continue to develop great campaigns that resonate throughout the industry.

“Valerie is a go-getter and never backs down from a difficulty. She is always up for a challenge and her passion for marketing really transcends into her day to day. It’s great to have someone with such contagious positive energy,” says Philippe Genier-Richard, Marketing Coordinator.

According to the company, of her many accolades, one of her most notable achievements has been her management in coordinating a complete rebranding and restructuring of the Cascades PRO brand. Her deep expertise and thoughtful strategies have led her and her team through countless successful campaigns, webinars and website redesigns. While her diligence, dedication and drive have helped Cascades deliver time and time again at ISSA, where she coordinated everything from booth design to logistics to message development and more.

‘’Young leaders are the future of the Jan/San business,” said Jim Core, VP SupplyWorks and General Manager Home Depot Pro. “These young leaders will lead us into the future, they will change the way we do business, and they will give back to the world like we never did before. The winner of this year’s NextGen Rising Star Award, Valérie Gagné-Cyr, exhibits what it means to be a compassionate leader who is respected and admired by her peers. I am so pleased to have a winner who is not only a high performer and achiever but is also active in both our organization and the many charities within it.”

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