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Companies unite to donate 200,000 tampons in vending machines in the US

SOS and Rael forged an exclusive partnership to increase access to essential personal care products in high-traffic public places

SOS, the Boston-based company that is redefining wellness on the go through a fast-growing network of smart vending machines, is announcing its exclusive product partnership with Rael, the 360 holistic feminine and beauty company focused on clean period care, intimate care and skincare.

Together, the female-founded and led brands are committing to give away 200,000 tampons and pads at all of SOS’ 100+ machines throughout the next year in an effort to increase access to essential personal care products in high-traffic public locations where people need them most. The partnership is backed by a six-figure investment from Rael and is the largest direct brand investment to date for SOS.

“Every woman has experienced a moment when she needed a tampon and one was nowhere to be found, a frustrating feeling only exacerbated when in a public space like a sporting arena or office building,” says Susanna Twarog, co-founder and co-CEO of SOS. “We believe that all people deserve access to period care products wherever, whenever, and our partnership with Rael helps us bring that mission to fruition as we make their organic, effective pads and tampons available for free in all of our machines.”

Easily recognizable by their curvy shape and sleek video touch screen, SOS machines offer a range of exceptional just-in-time personal care and wellness products to meet a variety of needs. Completely cardless and contactless for consumers, SOS machines also deliver targeted, interactive advertising and educational content when not in use. This digital component is a unique aspect of SOS machines and enables highly targeted brand-building and customer acquisition programs that help brands stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As part of the partnership, Rael will have access to personalized marketing campaigns and valuable data capture information at all SOS locations.

“In today’s competitive marketing landscape, it has become harder than ever for brands to cut through the noise and capture consumer attention,” says Robina Verbeek, co-founder and co-CEO of SOS. “SOS machines provide a unique opportunity for brands to meet consumers exactly where they are in their moment of need and offer an immediate solution with a top-quality product. That is the type of impact that resonates with consumers and generates brand loyalty. Pair that with our first-party data capture capabilities, and brands have valuable insight to build a loyal customer base.”

“We are excited to launch this initiative with SOS to promote equitable access to feminine care products. Our mission has never been clearer, and through this partnership, we look forward to giving more people access to healthy, organic options in women’s wellness and hygiene,” says Sorah Park, chief marketing officer of Rael. “We know there can be a real financial burden when accessing feminine hygiene products, especially organic, and Rael is committed to providing greater ease for those in need of clean, safe, and effective solutions through the high-traffic access points in urban cities where SOS machines featuring Rael can be found.”

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