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Firefly AB has confirmed presence at Tissue Summit Brazil

The company will show its innovative solutions for fire prevention during the event

Firefly AB is a Swedish company that has been operating for almost 50 years in the field of fire prevention, through a unique system that performs the detection and extinguishing of hot particles, sparks and flames.

The company will participate in the Tissue Summit Brazil, presenting innovative solutions for fire prevention, both for tissue machines and for the conversion area. In addition, Firefly AB brings also the MGD – Multi Gas Detector, capable of performing a chemical analysis of the air and detecting the presence of combustion gases hours before a fire starts.

In addition, the company is presenting also the WebScan solution to the event, a system that makes it possible to identify hot particles before they enter the yankee roll. These particles can cause large fires in the storage area after hours or even days after product storage.

The Tissue Summit Brasil takes place on March 30 and 31, in São Paulo, at the Hotel Tivoli Mofarrej.

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