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INCAPE announces investment and partnership with HERGEN

Company starts a major investment project by closing partnership with HERGEN

INCAPE, a Brazilian corestock producer, constantly invests in technology aiming at the sustainability, health and safety of its collaborators and for constant optimization of the tissue segment conversion industries. It has strict quality control, meeting the most diverse characteristics and requirements demanded by the national and international market.

The first part of its strategic planning, the company invested in the expansion of one of its machines with the purchase of new dryer cylinders with HERGEN technology. The main purpose of this acquisition is to promote greater safety and health for its employees, in addition to improving machine performance and increasing production.

“For HERGEN, it is another moment of celebration and opportunity that presents itself in the trust placed in our company by INCAPE. We are committed to providing a significant increase in paper production, in addition to improving even more qualitative aspects of the sheet drying profile”, says William R. Santos, General Manager at HERGEN.

“HERGEN will replace the drying machine, inserting new high pressure dryers with a diameter of 1828 mm, new structures and elements of the screen circuits, considerably increasing the drying capacity, the machine’s stability in terms of temperature profile and, above all, greater efficiency and operational safety. We are sure it is the first step of this important project and we are honored to have been elected to work for this important tissue paper supplier”, he concludes.

The new acquisition meets strict manufacturing standards (ASME / PED) and will bring productivity gains of over 20% for the company and, with this investment, the organization hopes to make its production more continuous, optimizing the quality of its papers, in addition to increase the availability of your products on the market.

“This is just the beginning of the partnership between INCAPE and HERGEN. The MP2 project is already under development with the engineering of both companies, with the objective of offering the tissue market an industry specialized in what it proposes, which is to deliver efficiency and cost reduction to conversions”, says Geraldo Karam , Chief Executive Officer of INCAPE.

INCAPE constantly acts on the evolution of its processes / products and reinforces that it already has big plans for new launches in 2021.

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