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INCAPE carries out vaccination campaign against Covid-19

With the campaign, approximately 98% of the INCAPE team is immunized

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from a variety of diseases and their complications. Those who do not get vaccinated end up putting not only their own health at risk, but also that of family, friends and co-workers.

With this premise in mind and aiming at the safety and well-being of its team, INCAPE organized a vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

The invitation for mass vaccination was made by the Health Department of the Municipality of Benedito Novo (Santa Catarina, Brazil), where the company is located, with the aim of immunizing as many people as possible.

Thus, the company carried out a survey of how many employees had already been vaccinated against the virus and, among the others, which of them would be interested in being immunized.

With a defined date and following all health and safety procedures, INCAPE reserved a specific space within the company and the city’s vaccination team applied the vaccines to interested employees.

“On the day we received the invitation to vaccinate our team, we made every effort to organize everything as quickly as possible. Knowing how important it is to guarantee the health of employees and their families, vaccination against Covid-19 was a huge step”, commented Guilherme Doemer Bocchi, INCAPE’s occupational safety technician.

“Still with some employees in doubt about the real effectiveness, we managed to convey safety and the importance that vaccination will bring us. So, with everyone already immunized, we can work more calmly with the certainty that one of the steps to radicalize the disease was successfully carried out”, he concludes.

With the campaign, approximately 98% of the INCAPE team is immunized.

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