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INCAPE hits machine availability record

The machine availability indicator is understood as one of the key KPIs for the paper industry

Achieving goals and maintaining the high-quality index of INCAPE papers consolidate the commitment to providing high yields in the production process and cost results in the tissue industry.

In addition to constantly investing in the training of all its professionals and in the quality of its products, the implementation of new technologies and preventive maintenance contribute to better machine performance and availability in the company.

Due to these innovations, in August of this year, INCAPE reached the record of machine availability, generating an average index of 98.76% in its availability in the month.

“Achieving machine availability excellence is no simple task; it is necessary to anticipate their movements and plan everything that is within their reach, creating goals and strategies to optimize the process. For this to happen, it is essential to use equipment, parts and especially high-level qualified labor”, explains Argélio Faria, supervisor of Mechanical Maintenance at INCAPE.

According to the professional, automated monitoring, analyzing various parameters, contributes to the identification of hidden faults that are not noticeable to the operator and maintenance, providing a more accurate planning time. The result is offset in the short term.

The machine availability indicator is understood as one of the key KPI’s for the paper industry and achieving positive results like this shows that INCAPE is on the right path, allowing everyone to achieve, through the work performance of a united team, the goals set.

“The maxim of prioritizing customer service with quality and punctuality must be reflected in the routine of process management. Understanding that, for the company’s good performance, we act actively to achieve levels of excellence in our KPI’s. This results we presented in August in an impressive way”, says Thiago Karam, director of INCAPE.

“Machine availability is and should be one of the most important metrics for continuous processes, and hardly achieved with excellence in the short term”, “I congratulate the INCAPE team for the formidable result, built on its focus and dedication”, concludes the executive.

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