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INCAPE invests in training its team

Through the University of Behavior project, the company encourages the search for knowledge and interpersonal development

Businesses are human and social organizations, not just economic machines. In addition to numbers, they must take care of their employees in order to offer a career and not just a position. All team members must feel part of the organization, performing meaningful roles and contributing to achieving common goals.

Active in the production of corestock for the tissue industry, INCAPE believes that, as important as technologies and manufacturing development, it is necessary to invest and inspire people. Therefore, it follows the philosophy of adding talents with innovation so that dreams come out of the paper.

As part of its social responsibility policy, the company seeks to improve its team, encouraging the search for knowledge and interpersonal development.

Based on its motto “We don’t just develop products, we develop people”, in September 2020, INCAPE created the University of Behavior, which aims to provide participants the opportunity to increase their quality of life and improve their professional performance.

The course lasts nine hours, distributed in meetings held over a period of up to three months. The groups are composed of employees who signed up or were nominated by their leadership and, so far, around 30 people have participated in the initiative.

The University of Behavior is based on four foundations: creativity, communication, intelligence and energy. The main methodologies used to train participating employees are Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Physics, Coaching and others.

“Starting from the Socratic thinking ‘Know yourself’, we created our method to leverage personal and professional results for the participants of the University of Behavior. We believe that self-knowledge is the best basis for developing the two mastery of life intelligences: emotional intelligence and strategic intelligence”, says Juci Nones, neurocoach and mentor at the University of Behavior. “These two intelligences leverage as a consequence other skills, abilities and behaviors that lead the participants of the University of Behavior to a higher level of satisfaction and constant and lasting achievements”, she adds.

The paper production supervisor, Edilson Evangelista, comments on the importance of this project: “More than technical knowledge, we need to know how to communicate, have creativity, focus, concentration. We need to learn to manage stress and have leadership over ourselves. Being prepared, employees perform their activities with better performance within their competences and, therefore, obtain better results not only in their professional life, but in their personal life as well. It is part of INCAPE’s policy to seek to innovate not only in our products, but also in programs like this one, which aim at the well-being of the entire team”.

For the Industrial Manager of INCAPE, William de Souza, in an increasingly competitive market, it is important for the team to be committed to the process and, for this, it is necessary to develop technical and emotional skills, preparing everyone for future challenges.

“I emphasize the importance of providing the entire team with an opportunity to carry out the project, making it possible for everyone to develop together and feel part of the business, thus boosting the results. The University of Behavior project gives us the opportunity to get to know our employees from a more detailed perspective, providing tools for us to be more assertive in identifying talent and internal promotions”, says William.

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