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INCAPE is part of the Sedex audit (SMETA): one of the most used ethical audits in the world

The company announced that it is recommended for ethical trade auditing and follows the good practices listed in the ETI Base Code

In a panorama of companies that seek the longevity of their business, tend to be at the forefront of innovation, are concerned with labor practices and align their organizational management with ESG, INCAPE was recommended in early 2023 by the Certifying Body APCER, to Sedex (SMETA) requirements achieving a major win for responsible and ethical business partnerships throughout its supply chain.

The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) is a compilation of good conduct in the ethical audit technique, in which the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) is the audit procedure that allows reconciling ethical trade, establishing transparency in business and offers advantages to the respective customers and suppliers.

SMETA audits are subject to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code, based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization, guided by the focus on labor practices.

“INCAPE’s recommendation for meeting the good practices of the SMETA requirements raises the company’s name for valuing and respecting employees, through commitment to its processes, environment and work safety, taking INCAPE to a prominent place, strengthening it even more as a benchmark in the production of core stock for the tissue market”, comments Ademar Bartzik, the company’s Process Supervisor.

The certification carried out in the industry was based on 2 mandatory pillars, promoted in the modules:

  • Labor Standards
  • Health and safety
  • Additional elements:

– Management Systems

– Right to work

– Outsourcing and work from home

– Environmental assessment

In a concept that seeks to reduce the duplication of efforts in ethical trade estimates, SMETA comes to facilitate and expand participation in the business market, because in practice, its benefits are linked to greater visibility in the supply chain; cost reduction by sharing information on the Sedex platform, meeting the need for multiple certifications; the provision of comparative analyzes based on the international audit network; in addition to strengthening the company’s commitment to constant improvements in the working conditions of its employees.

“It is believed that the process of transformation and evolution of species within their consumption and supply chains and the society in which they are inserted, must be based on the ethical principles of the organization. This pillar, in line with respect for diversity and the enhancement of socio-environmental practices, is intrinsic to INCAPE’s DNA”, emphasizes Thiago Karam Westphalen, INCAPE’s Operational Director.

The excellence of this achievement comes from the reflections of an integrated management, which reconciles its R&D work for future planning with the generation of perennial value for employees and the community, thus strengthening its commitment as a specialized industry and a benchmark both in the production of its products as well as enhancing human capital.

Thiago reinforces that “SMETA comes to evolve and add to INCAPE, to demonstrate our commitment to comply with our ethical principles, proudly informing the market of the conquest of an expressive hearing and protection for countries all over the world, feeling ourselves in another level, particularly in building our ESG journey.”

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