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Kotex challenges taboos with its “Let’s Have Period Sex” campaign for Valentine’s Day

The company breaks stigmas and promotes acceptance with its initiative to normalize menstruation and period sex

Kotex launches a special limited Valentine’s Day campaign aimed at normalizing periods. In collaboration with Phasey, a company that produces functional foods to improve periods. Entitled “Let’s Have Period Sex” the Kotex initiative, developed by agency Quality Meats, seeks to challenge the stigma of having sex during that time of the month.

According to research, nearly 40% of women would skip sex on Valentine’s Day if they were on their period. However, 54% of women are willing to have menstrual sex, but 40% are embarrassed to mention it to their partner. In addition, 25% of women who started their period during sex have been shamed by their partners for doing so.

The heart-shaped box invites all with the message “Let’s have menstrual sex” and “chocolates to warm you up and relieve cramps.” Inside, shoppers will find five vegan dark chocolate truffles made with libido-boosting Shatavari, as well as four U by Kotex BalanceTM pads.

The campaign, called Let’s Have Period Sex’, seeks to destigmatize conversations about menstruation and period sex. It is being launched in partnership with the Phasey organization, highlighting the use of Shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb with an aphrodisiac effect that helps to reactivate libido.

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