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Meet the Nexum Group, a new communication ecosystem to connect the industry

The group encompasses all brands linked to Tissue Online and aims to connect the paper, pulp and personal care sectors in the Americas

This Thursday, May 5th, the Nexum Group was launched, which encompasses the brands linked to Tissue Online. The word that names the group originates from the Latin “nexus”, which means connection. It is through this concept that all business units will work together, becoming a great communication ecosystem to connect the paper, pulp and personal care industries in the Americas.

Tissue Online Brasil, North America and Latinoamérica Portals are part of the Nexum Group, whose purpose is to create value and connect the entire tissue market in the Americas. Another unit of the group is the Tissue Agency, a marketing agency that provides communication solutions for the industry and serves suppliers in the paper production chain, as well as manufacturers and converters.

The Tissue Summit, another business of the group, has the mission of bringing together major business players and decision makers, adding value and knowledge about the tissue and personal care sectors. The event promotes the sharing of insights, business and networking.

In addition to encompassing all brands linked to Tissue Online, the group will soon present new projects. As Felipe Quintino, CEO of Nexum Group highlights, “we have grown in size, but we are the same in essence and we remain faithful to the values ​​that are the cornerstone of our existence: ethics, credibility, transparency and commitment to quality”.

“We will continue to share news, good practices, challenges and achievements in the sector. But now, we are also going to help players find the right connections and business opportunities that will strengthen our market in Brazil and abroad”, he concludes.

To learn more about all the business units of the Nexum Group, visit the website and, to stay up to date with news and next steps, follow the LinkedIn page.

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