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Meet TKM: The Knife Manufacturers

For more than 100 years, the TKM Group as a family business, stands for quality and sustainability in products and services

There is more to TKM than being “The Knife Manufacturers”. For more than 100 years, the TKM Group as a family business, stands for quality and sustainability in products and services.

As a world market leader, it aims to develop highly efficient tools and solutions, with innovative ideas and advanced technologies – all while setting sustainable trends. The satisfaction of its customers, from the craftsman’s workshop to the global industrial company, has always been, and always will be, the focus of TKM’s activities.

TKM guarantees optimal customer proximity and competent support through our worldwide network of its own sales, service and production companies, as well as the high qualification and continuous training of its employees, with the motivation to always find the best solution for its customers.

The company takes knowledge and experience in many industrial segments, applying them to its products and services for the tissue paper industry. It transfers these experiences to its customers, therefore increasing the quality of products, optimizing production times and reducing customer cost.

The TKM GmbH is well known for its high-quality Log Saw Blades and complementary products, such as grinding wheels, perforation knives and core cutting knives.

The highest possible consistency of the TKM Log Saw


Based on high quality raw material, the TKM GmbH executes all production steps, on fully automatic machines, in-house.

Unique Solution: Each TKM log saw blade is, before the delivery, inspected to all dimensional values by the most modern, automated inspection equipment available. This includes the dynamic balance. Additionally, an internal record is established for each log saw blade for future tracking purposes.

The high quality and consistency of the log saw blade in combination with the technical service provides significant cost reduction on the customer side.


The quality of a tool starts with the raw material. Therefore, TKM trusts since many years a middle-sized, German steel manufacturer, which is specialized on high quality tool steels.

Since many years, TKM invests every year into new and fully automatic machines and inspection equipment. The latest investment was a fully automatic heat treatment furnace, to guarantee the highest possible hardness and consistency of the steel structure.

The blades move, step by step, through different and fully automated grinding processes before they arrive at our unique and as well fully automated, sharpening device.

Every blade gets sharpened, a dynamic balance check and a check of axial and radial runout as well as the stiffness/tension follow. Finally, all relevant parameters and an individual blade number are engraved on every blade, so that TKM is able to trace back every single blade.


The application of log saw blades is quite complex. Mounted on a rotating arm with an additional axial movement and regularly sharpened by CBN grinding wheels, the blade needs to cut tissue paper rolls on different types of machines. Additionally, the tissue paper rolls have very different characteristics (composition of paper and core, number of plies, diameters, hardness, type of embossing and types of glue).

Therefore, it is more needed than “only” a log saw blade with highest possible quality and consistency. TKM provides, in cooperation with the customers, since more than 15 years technical training and machine surveys. The training and the survey are customized, the situation and the machine park of every customer is considered. As standard the company provide a technical service twice a year.

The survey considers all machine parameters and, as well, the condition of the machine, the log saw blade and the grinding CBN wheels.

The technical training with all persons who are involved in the cutting applications, considers the problems on the cutting application per machine. Together with the customer, the TKM experts work out step by step options for improvements on the cutting quality and / or the lifetime of the tools.

During 2020 the company added two more tools, to be closer to its customers:

  • The TKM Group App, available for Apple and Android, includes a trouble shooting of the most common problems with the log saw blade application. All its customers can use the app for free. Try it out.
  • To start, the company build up a simple but efficient TKM performance center. TKM performance center is an easy access channel for its customers to industrial internet applications and remote services. Its experts have a deep understanding of the cutting applications of your tissue roll converting lines. With remote connections and tools, TKM provides the needed support and guidance without delay – and more broadly than before.

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