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Paper and Wood Products Are Essential to the Circular Economy

AF&PA testifies on how these products are essential to the circular economy

The paper and wood products industry uses renewable and recyclable resources to manufacture products that makes people’s lives better. Printing-writing papers, paper-based packaging, pulp, tissue and wood products play significant roles in everyday life by meeting needs for information, product protection, hygiene, housing and more.

Paper is one of the most recycled materials in the U.S. and paper recycling is one of the best examples of how this industry is part of the circular economy.

On September 22nd, AF&PA’s Brian Hawkinson delivered testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. The Committee met on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of promoting a circular economy and Hawkinson highlighted the essential and sustainable nature of the products:

“Paper and recycled paper are made from a renewable resource and used in a wide range of products with endless everyday applications,” he said.  “You will find these products in homes, schools, and businesses. From pizza boxes to note pads, tissues to paper towels, coffee cups to milk cartons and cardboard boxes – our products are essential.”

“The industry aims to advance a circular value chain and continue to improve the sustainability of our products,” Hawkinson added.

“This includes innovating manufacturing processes, products, and packaging. And increasing the utilization of recycled fiber and wood residuals in manufacturing across the industry to 50% by 2030.”

One example Hawkinson cited was Georgia-Pacific’s innovative Juno technology, that promises to enable paper mills to go deeper into waste streams to recover paper for use in manufacturing.

To watch the complete testimony, click here.

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