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Perini MyLine: Körber’s versatile, accessible solution in tissue converting equipment

Perini MyLine is the proven solution for optimizing OEE and production without compromising product quality

The pulp and paper industry has felt the pressure of COVID-19 in unprecedented ways from both sides of supply and demand. Coping with ongoing supply chain disruptions, materials issues, and logistics is familiar fallout from the pandemic. What’s less conventional, however, is the pulp and paper industry had to deal with these obstacles while also attempting to meet immense product demand surges.

These competing priorities shed new light on tissue manufacturer production line responsiveness, and the need for tissue converting equipment that is versatile, efficient, and affordable. Many turned to the Körber Group and the Perini MyLine for solutions.


As a premier AFH private label tissue converting source for redistributors in Canada and the United States, Sunset Converting undertook a new mill expansion in 2020 to better serve their customer base. With it came the opportunity to install two Perini MyLines on the production floor.

Sunset Converting vice president and partner Mathieu Laferriere knew immediately he found the ideal solution in Perini MyLine because of the flexibility, automation, and ease of use for operators of all experience levels. With exceptional Körber customer service and immediate availability of the Perini MyLines, Laferriere and his team were able to get the solutions in place during the initial stages of the pandemic.


Perini MyLine is the proven solution for optimizing OEE and production without compromising product quality. The innovation and technology behind the tissue converting equipment makes it a powerful solution, running at production speeds of up to 600 m/minute and up to 40 logs/minute cycle rates.

Having this performance potential already provides a significant competitive advantage, but Perini MyLine offers technical improvement programs (TIPs) and other options that are gamechangers. For example, the Easy Reel Change reduces parent reel change time to an OEE-boosting 90 seconds. The Perini MyLine Flexy offers a way to streamline embossing with the Catalyst embosser.

Sustainability is addressed, too. Perini MyLine is capable of running various types of tissue paper —- including recycled materials — to produce a variety of products. Potentially environmentally hazardous glue can also be eliminated from the tissue roll converting process by implementing the Perini MyLine water lamination capabilities and Aquabond technology.

Körber Tissue North America president Pete Augustine provides more details about Perini MyLine versatility, efficiency, and affordability in this brief video:

Tissue converting equipment is an important capital investment. The capabilities and performance of proven, trusted Körber machinery and technology make the decision easier — as evidenced by more than 60 Perini MyLines being sold worldwide since 2016.


Assembled and tested in the Körber Tissue North America headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, several Perini MyLines are available for quick delivery in the United States and Europe.

Immediate availability of advanced tissue converting equipment provides opportunity for deeper penetration of existing and new markets with high-quality tissue products — all of which point to a greater competitive advantage. Attractive price points and financing also help you manage your spend, bottom line, and ROI.

There are a number of factors to consider in tissue converting equipment, and the Perini MyLine exceeds expectations on all levels. Contact the Körber team to learn more about this trusted Körber solution, or to schedule an appointment to see the line in action at its Green Bay headquarters.

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