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Resolute Forest Products Thanks Partners in COVID-19 Vaccination Hub

The company responded to the Quebec government's call for companies to join COVID-19's vaccination efforts and proposed to run a regional vaccination center

In the spring of 2021, Resolute Forest Products, the global leader in the forest products industry with a diverse range of products, including tissue paper, responded to the Quebec government’s call for companies to join COVID-19’s vaccination efforts and proposed to run a regional vaccination center in partnership with the Cégep de St-Félicien.

The clinic opened in mid-May and has since administered nearly 9,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. After the end of regular clinic operations on July 30th, there will be two additional clinical dates: August 6th and 13th. CIUSS Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean will continue to offer vaccination services in the region after this date.

As part of its proposal, Resolute absorbed nearly all costs associated with the clinic, including salaries, equipment purchases, staff time and support, and other related expenses. Cégep de St-Félicien provided the space where the clinic operated, as well as administrative support.

The health and safety of its employees, as well as the well-being of operating communities, has been the company’s biggest concern since the coronavirus began to spread. “The benefits of a healthy and safe population far outweigh the expenses,” says Resolute on its website.

In an article on its blog, the company thanks the 140 volunteers and employees who contributed to this initiative; to Cégep de St-Félicien for his collaboration; and all those who took the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

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